Hi! My name is Sophia Williams
and here’s why you should definitely check out some (or all recipes!) on this blog.

I grew up in a small town near Dallas, Texas. My father was a chef, and my mother worked as a Manager at a local restaurant. When you put these two together, you get 15 pounds of delicious meals served every day. Barbecue lovers would have loved living at our house.

So, growing up, my brothers and I usually ate meat, served in all kinds of ways, topped with tasty chipotle cream, and a roasted sweet potato on the side. Eating tons of meat was a part of my daily routine, just like breathing.

Moving on.

I was always a bit of a bookworm, and my biggest dream was to go to NYU to study Biomedical Engineering. The dream came true, and for the first time, I found myself in the Big Apple. On my freshmen year, I met a boy from Amsterdam, Lucas, that was, at the time, only visiting New York. Surprisingly enough, we fell in love, and just a couple of months after we started dating, we went on a trip all over Europe. First, we visited Amsterdam, to say hi to his parents, and then we checked out towns in the South of France, Spain, and Portugal villages, lavish restaurants, in Switzerland and Italy, etc.

On these journeys, Lucas and I decided to experience the countries we visited the fullest, especially when it came to their delicious cuisines. It was then when I started experimenting with food, and eating more plant-based and whole grain. Also, every meal had to end up with sugar enriched desserts because both Lucas and I have a sweet tooth.

Once we got back to New York, one thing led to another, and we decided to stay in the US and start a food blog. We started this blog in 2014 and have since been featured in Food & Wine, Refinery29, SELF Magazine, and others.

In 2016, our first cookbook was published (there’s more to come!)
Europe in Your Plate

In that cookbook, we included recipes we tasted on our trip, providing background about them, and making them just a tad bit healthier. The New York Times described the book as “the one whose mouth-watering, healthy recipes bring Europe to the households of the US.” You can read more about Europe in Your Plate here.