Europe in Your Plate was named as one of the best cookbooks by Epicurious in 2016.

Europe in Your Plate is the one book that can bring European heritage and food to the US, thanks to its interesting spices, and recipe ingredients.

It includes 150 recipes from 23 different cities and towns, full-color photographs for each of the dishes, and a little background of why the authors chose to include the meal, and who gave them the recipe.

Here’s what readers say about Europe on Your Plate:

I absolutely LOVE this cookbook! I recognized some German recipes and a healthy twist they offer!


I love Europe’s history and food which is why this cookbook is the perfect one for me. And the best thing about it ー I can make all the meals during the workweek, hassle-free, and have a healthy Europe-inspired dish waiting for me when I get home.


I have an Italian heritage, and some of these recipes my nonna (grandma) used to make when I was little. Thank you for bringing me back to my childhood.