Homemade Ice-Cream Recipes

As I mentioned in so many of my blog posts, one could never say that I have a sweet tooth. That’s the reason why all the ice creams are usually too sweet for me, and why I prefer making them on my own.

Truth be told, there is only one ice cream I enjoy making. It’s a universal You-Can-Add-Whatever-Flavor-You-Want ice cream. It consists of:

  • 450ml or 2 cups cold heavy whipping cream,
  • 400ml unsweetened cold condensed milk,
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

To make this mixture, whip the cold cream until it forms. Then, add milk, and using high-speed whisk until the ice cream becomes stiff. In the end, add vanilla extract. Sometimes I like adding lemon juice or lemon zest.

From this point on, you can add whichever flavor you like. If you prefer sweeter ice cream, add powdered sugar before you add the condensed milk.

Just a couple of nights ago, I decided to add honey and strawberry and mango puree, and I LOVED the final result. One time we had guests over, so I threw in some Oreo cookies and served Oreo ice cream. Be sure to let me know which flavor you added to the mixture!